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Welcome you gorgeous hairless queens!
My name is Lex and I own Pampered in Beavercreek Ohio!  You can find me on IG @pamperedbylexx.  I started "The Waxed Babe" on the idea that I wanted to wear merch everywhere that showed off what I do for a living!  Why would I want that you may ask?!  Waxing is my passion & I wanted to promote what I do wherever I go!  After looking online for waxing merch that was my style and coming up empty handed, I figured why not just make my own?  Fast forward a few weeks and hours of designing later, I received my first order!  One reel on Instagram and the messages started pouring in, from clients to other esti-besties.  Everyone wanted one!  That's when I decided to create "The Waxed Babe", fun friendly merch that everyone loves to wear.
Thank you for coming this far and discovering me.  Your support means everything!
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